Contact Toby KL2T at to request a membership application. Fill out the application and email it back to Toby. Membership is free with no membership fees to join at this time.

To become a fulltime voting member you must hold a valid amateur radio license and be in good standing. If you do not meet the requirements we encourage you to get your ham license and become a ham. You can still join the club as an associate (non voting) member.

A participation record will be kept starting in Jan. 2017 to Jan.18. A voting member must attend at least 4 club sanctioned activities, hold a valid ham license, have a complete membership application on file with the  Secretary of the club and be in good standing to remain or become a voting member.

Officers are voted on in the May meeting of each year. Nominations are taken in March. To run for an office, you must live in the South Peninsula area, be in good standing for at least one year, meet the participation requirements, and hold a valid amateur radio license.