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Special Event Anchor Point Ak Sept 24-26 2016

Special Event Anchor Point Ak Sep 19-20 2015

Most Westerly Point on the US Road System

Photos from the first SPARC special event in 2015.

Our banner is up and so are our Ops for the two day event! 175 contacts!

Lots of Great Food & Fun KL4BR Bob’s 20 man tent setup.KL4M Buddy Pole AntennaSun setting on a successful event!

A very successful event with over 175 contacts made on the first day but darn those solar flares! They shut us down on day two and it was an early wrap up but everyone had fun. Just wished we had some photos with Bob, KL4BR up that tree stringing the antenna wire! A Big Thank You to Laura, KL4CN for the awesome photos!