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If you are looking for ham equipment or looking to swap, trade or sell ham equipment this is the place! Send an email with a detailed list of equipment including the item, description, age, condition, and price to to be listed on the Gear Swap page. You may also send an email if you are looking for equipment. Be sure to include your name, call sign, and how you want to be contacted (Note: this is a public site, so do not post your private information.


AL7JX – Glen
Wanted: Light  duty rotor for 2mtr. beam, Tower parts for lifting tilt tower over: winch, wire, rope, pulleys. Call 907-299-3749 or email or call on simplex 146.52
AL7JX Glen
Sale or Trade: New 8 conductor rotor cable 2-16×6-18  Call 907-299-3749 or email or 146.52 simplex